TEA Update

Dear District Leaders, 

This letter contains information on how you can share accountability ratings with parents in your district by encouraging them to visit TXschools.gov. We have enhanced TXschools.gov with several new features that allow parents to better understand accountability ratings. Updates include detailed school ratings and profile information to highlight what schools offer beyond accountability, compare tool to view the performance of schools nearby, additional parent resources, and school finder to search for schools by address.

Starting August 15th, parents can visit TXschools.gov to learn more about their child's school and discover how their child’s school is preparing them for the next grade level and success after high school.

With this in mind, we have created a communication toolkit with customizable templates to help you better communicate with parents about school ratings and how to use TXschools.gov. This year, the toolkit includes: 

  • One pager
  • HTML Email Content - can be edited to suit your district's needs.
  • Parent School Rating FAQs
  • Social Media/Text Message Assets - includes images and blurbs.
  • Website Banners - can be customized to fit your district and school websites.
  • Toolkit Summary
  • Tips and Resources for Districts 

All content is fully accessible and available in both English and Spanish. You can access all of these resources by clicking the "Learn More" button below. We hope that these tools are helpful to you as you develop your own communication messages around accountability ratings. 

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