Liz Rivero

Liz Rivero , about 1 hour ago

Nos gustaría invitar a los padres y guardianes a una reunión para hablar sobre el programa de Título I en nuestra escuela. Acompáñenos mientras discutimos y evaluamos el Pacto entre Escuela-Padres-Estudiantes y la Póliza de Participación de Padres y Familia. La reunión se llevará a cabo a través de Zoom el 20 de abril de 2021 a las 10:00 a.m.

Meeting ID: 715 1665 7173 Passcode: NYN3jS

También necesitamos sus comentarios, ya que planeamos para el próximo año. Por favor complete la Encuesta de Participación de Padres y Familias del Título I:

Liz Rivero

Liz Rivero , about 1 hour ago

We would like to invite parents and guardians to a meeting to discuss the Title I program in our school. Please join us as we discuss and evaluate the School-Parent-Student Compact and the Parent & Family Engagement Policy. The meeting will be held via Zoom on April 20, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.

Meeting ID: 715 1665 7173 Passcode: NYN3jS

Your feedback is also needed as we plan for next year. Please complete the Title I Parent and Family Engagement Survey:

Hayley Garcia

Hayley Garcia , about 5 hours ago

Employment Opportunities

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Trish Soto

Trish Soto , 5 days ago

We accepted the mission to learn about how to take care of our hearts and save lives from heart disease and stroke through Kids Heart Challenge and we are doing a remarkable job! THANK YOU for being a part of that! 
LAST CALL MISSION: Any student who has earned at least 1 or more online donation(s) during Kids Heart Challenge will get to sign our KHC Legacy Banner and be a part of Reagan County Elementary HISTORY!
Access the KHC Mission Experience to complete the missions.
Action to Complete the Mission: Visit our school’s Kids Heart Challenge page: OR download the Kids Heart Challenge app and register!
We have 10 days until all donations are due on 4/19/2021.

Any student who raises $50 gets to slime a MYSTERY SLIMER
• Official SLIMERS!! WAY TO GO!!:Jacob G , Joseph F , Korah H , Avalee R , Kenzie V , Miriam C , Ace B , Hunter D , Kynlee G , Evan A , Kaci M , Ezra C , Chloe B , Nathan H , Rhyder L , Layla H , Rosalie E , Daniela D , Mikael B , Ryder D , Karen D , Jadian P , Luke V , Landon M , Kenna
• YOU’RE SO CLOSE!!: Alex R , Mika R , Elisa G , Ismael R , Bentley R , Adalyn R , Royer A , Adalee V , Matti W , Santiago S , Devin Y , Daniel Y , Caleb M , Dario G

Kalum McKay

Kalum McKay , 6 days ago

This message is to inform parents that RCMS 7th graders will be taking the STAAR Writing test on April 20th. If possible, please refrain from making appointments or plans to be out town on this date. Thank you.

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