BBQ Team

Mrs. Bastin recently received a call inviting her BBQ teams and culinary students to represent the Texas HSBBQ, Inc. at the National BBQ and Grilling Association's annual convention. The Texas HSBBQ, Inc. has been asked to bring eight teams to the national convention. As their board reviewed what they wanted to do and how to present at the convention, they decided that the Reagan County High School Culinary and BBQ students have all the qualities they were looking for in ambassadors. Our students' hospitality, friendliness, ability to speak and to articulate ideas and concepts made them prefect ambassadors for HSBBQ on the national platform. Additionally, these students can cook, and they do it very well. They are placing great confidence that their organization, the state of Texas and Reagan County will be well represented in Fort Worth April 4-6, 2022.

Our participation in various events such as an information panel and presentation, are still pending. We do know that our teams will cook through all five of their BBQ competition entries. They will be competing against other high school teams as well as several National Pitmaster teams accepting the challenge. The teams will be leaving early on Monday, April 4th and participating in conference events throughout the day. On Tuesday, they will be competing in all five BBQ entries. Wednesday will be our travel day home. Currently, we are looking at taking only our Juniors and Seniors (advanced students) as there are some conflicts that week with EOC English testing for our underclassmen. Eight students, Mrs. Bastin and a second driver will be traveling for the three-day, two-night event.

We are thrilled at the opportunity our students have been given to represent Reagan County and the State of Texas in BBQ and culinary, not only because of their skills, but also because their character and integrity. It is a great time to be a (culinary) OWL!

We will be hosting a fundraiser on March 31- Bbq chicken and Ribs- We will post a pre-oder form in a few days. Come out and support these owls!