seeking input

Reagan County ISD wants to collect feedback from parents on their opinion of a 4-day school week. The state is seeing an increase in schools moving to a 4-day week. We value your feedback in the decision-making process.    We are far from being able to transition to a 4-day week, but we are seeking your input.

Based on our recent survey, there were many frequently asked questions we would like to address.  Below is a draft of what a possible 4-day school schedule could look like:

Weekly Schedule

Currently, our school day is 470 minutes.  We would be adding 40 minutes to the school day.


                Monday-Thursday 7:50 am to 4:20 pm (All Students 510 minutes)

                Friday 7:45 am-12:00 pm (Additional Support for Students 255 minutes)      

We would still need to provide additional support for the students that need help on Fridays.  Parents would still have the opportunity to bring their students on Friday. 

Yearly Calendar

Our yearly calendar would look similar to the one we currently have.  We would officially start the students in the second week of August.  We would still schedule regular holidays as usual.

If you haven't taken our survey, please follow the link below!